The Curious Read of “The Curious Timing of Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding”

News of love, via The Atlantic Wire.

As you probably know by now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg married his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan, this weekend; just one day after becoming a billionaire 19 times over. The surprise backyard ceremony also happened to take place just days after she graduated from medical school, providing the perfect opportunity for the couple to officially launch the next chapter of their lives together.

Congrats to them. Very cool. And amidst such success for each of them, it has to be a really wonderful time.

But wait,

It was all very cute and romantic until everyone — including The New York Times — noticed that by waiting until the day after cashing in his fortune, Zuckerberg conveniently protected his billions from California’s communal property law.

Really? That seems a bit overly cynical to me. Have we really reached the point that we can no longer imagine any motivation other than money for doing something?

      Perhaps, rather than get married amidst finals and business, they wanted to celebrate their love when life was a bit calmer.

Perhaps they wanted to get married earlier, but just couldn’t fit it in. Why wait any longer?

Or maybe they had to wait because they wouldn’t have been able to take a honeymoon while in school and pre-IPO.

There are so many reasons that can account for the timing of the wedding. Heck, if the Atlantic is right that they previously had a relationship contract and likely have a pre-nuptial agreement now, then what financial reason would they even have for waiting until the IPO? Certainly that could have been written into the agreement! Ugh.

I know this might sound crazy, but maybe, just maybe, they got married on that day because they are in love and it was a good time to focus on each other. Until there’s any kind of evidence—or even compelling rationality—I’m going to go with that.

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