On Seeing Honestly

But Google Glass is disruptive and antisocial.

Really? Hold on, let me take this call. OK, one second, just gotta finish sending this text. Now, what were you saying? Oh, right, it’s antisocial. These glasses disrupt the tender interpersonal dynamics we’ve built up over millennia of human cultural evolution. We are all such interested, attentive people, and Google Glass would never fit in with—and perhaps even threatens—our delicate social fabric.

OK, whatever you’ve got to tell yourself to sleep better.

Absolutely love Farhad Manjoo’s piece at Pando Daily (Don’t laugh at Google Glass: They’re Goofy, but They Will Save Us From Ourselves) on the pro-social aspects of mobile tech practices and Google Glass. Ok, maybe “pro-social” is going too far. Perhaps “less antisocial” is a better characterization of what he says. Anyway…what I appreciate is Manjoo’s honesty about how antisocial our tech habits often are. While our intentions are often good, the acts in themselves frequently impede the good that we intend or introduce bad consequences that we had not intended or even envisioned. Such honesty is rare in the tech journalism world.

I’m all for tech, but we need to be honest about what our real actions actually do rather than imagined consequences of the actions we think we are engaged in. Otherwise, we end up justifying as good those things that we simply prefer.

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