Infrastructure Tech: Some Things, E-Learning Won’t Solve

From Adam Nossiter at NYTimes, Niger Children Miss School to Search for Water

Wars keep children out of school. So does sickness. But in Niger, a sun-baked land where drought occurs with alarming frequency, a major impediment to education is thirst and the long trek required to quench it. …“The others are more advanced than me, but I have to get the water,” Sani said of his classmates who escape the chore and get to school on time.

Here in the US, it is easy to forget how much technology we really rely on day to day. When was the last time you thought about our water infrastructure?

Dharun Ravi, Tyler Clemente, and How We Accept Spying

Today, Dharun Ravi begins his thirty day prison sentence for his conviction on crimes relating to using a webcam twice to spy on his Rutgers roommate Tyler Clemente.  Clemente committed suicide a day later.  (For background, The New York Times has a topic page on the case.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the case over the past couple of years, especially since Ravi’s conviction in March.  And especially given what he was actually sentence for.


Privacy Is About More Than Just Fear

Last week, Josh Constine over at Tech Crunch wrote an interesting piece on online data security. It is a worthwhile read (even if a bit flawed).  His thesis was that innovation is being hampered by public over-reaction to potential problems with the security of private data at social networking sites and in apps. Constine seems frustrated that Despite their own research that showed little danger of data compromise on Facebook apps, The Wall Street Journal still wrote “a hit piece” that warned people about privacy dangers at the site. Privacy concerns are, it seems, a fiction foisted upon an ignorant public by an corrupt media.


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