Does This Phone Make Me Sound Selfish?

Not really sure exactly what to make of this. Tania ap Sion and Owen Edwards recently published a study that compared the content of prayer requests submitted to the Church of England’s Say One For Me website and those submitted in handwritten form in churches. As it turns out, the content of the prayer requests differed dramatically.

[Researchers] found that 34% of people had prayed online for help with their own personal issues, compared to just 3% or 4% of traditional handwritten prayers left in churches. These online prayer authors were particularly concerned about their work or relationships, as well as their personal spiritual or moral issues.The number of prayers submitted for friends or loved ones also fell from 75% of church notes, to 57% online.


Morning, all.

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Isidore of Seville, Doctor of the Church. Isidore was a sixth century theologian, teacher and writer who has been proposed as the patron saint of the internet. So, after a couple of years of mucking about, I’ve decided to go ahead and launch a blog about technology and the ethics of technology use. It will focus on information and communication techs, mostly, but I’ll likely head off topic at times. Really, I’m hoping this will be a space to think about what we’re doing with all these wondrous devices that surround us these days–and whether or not the things we are doing are really making our lives better.

So, welcome. Stop by when you have a chance. Read if you are so inclined. Comment if you feel moved to do so. I look forward to it.


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