Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving, Love Actually Edition

Many things to give thanks for this year. Among them, the fact that no one at dinner even came close to answering the phone or checking messages. That alone made it feel like a sacred time.

Favorite piece of technology today? Instant read thermometer. I should probably know what temperatures feel like on a pork shoulder or turkey, but I’ve never been good at that.

Favorite technology of the season? Pretty much anything having to do with travel. Phones and videoconferencing are great. But nothing like being there face to face.

There is probably something to be said for the fact that cars have played a major factor in the atomization of American society, enabling us to leave birthplaces and families behind to strike out into the world alone. (Actually, Putnam has said some insightful stuff there.) Same for cell phones. But given where we are–both figuratively and literally–it is great to be able to maintain the ties, some sense of community, over the distances.

I’m not a big fan of romantic comedies, but the opening and closing scenes of Love Actually gets me every time. Joy and gratefulness among those greeting each other at the arrival terminal at Heathrow airport.

Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving. Give them a squeeze to be sure the connection is solid.

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