Ooops, I Did It Again! I’ll Never Get SEO Right…

I was just reading some advice on how to increase web traffic and make sure your blog gets noticed on search engines. I’ve been feeling guilty that now that I’m no longer Freshly Pressed, my little old blog doesn’t get more traffic.

The first rule seems to be using popular web keywords in the title and throughout the article. If you don’t use popular terms, then the site won’t be “search engine optimized” and no one will find it.

I’m in trouble. Somehow, I don’t think “cat piano,” Athanasius Kircher, Plato, or the year 1904 fit into the “hot keywords” category. Nor that Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure reference.

Do I need to write more columns about Justin Beiber and President Obama? Or do I just consider this a “first world problem” and get back to writing?

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  1. Terpsichore

     /  February 8, 2013

    I’d advise the latter. The more you write, the more terms your blog will have by virtue of having more words on it. Also, from what I can tell, it’s far easier to profit from search engine optimization if you utilize pictures.

    It may also be a good idea to spend a moment reflecting on your blog’s telos. Do you simply want hits, regardless of how you get them? I’ve seen my various blogs get traffic because some other hit-seeker (…sounds like a missile, not a fellow blogger) sets out with some program to “like” a bunch of different pages automatically and thus prompt the “Check out this person who ‘liked’ this” response. So if that’s your goal, well, read because it will, probably, be of use.

    For my own part, that situation provides the same “ooh, someone read my post!” excitement at first, but it fades much faster when I see the same avatar on nearly every other blog I visit. To me, it’s most rewarding when a) I feel I’ve written well about something worth discussion and b) I get feedback from regular readers and can engage with them further.

    Meanwhile, don’t sell the cat piano or Plato short. The top 10 search terms of all time for The Egotist’s Club are “monday,” “tadpole,” “tadpoles,” “sandman,” “ceyx and alcyone,” “snake plissken,” “brightmoor,” “tea with milk,” “tom bombadil,” and “zoomorphic calligraphy;” the top search term from the past month is “bacon roses delivery.” People Google the weirdest things sometimes.

  2. I am a little confused. I am having a bit of the same problem, with getting SEO right that is. But do I really need to work words like those above into my blog to get hits? I am new at this, but those seem like really odd keywords to me.


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