The Fairphone—A Good Start at Ethical Hardware

Casey Johnson at Ars Technica (“Fairphone” looks to give power back to customers):

The “Fairphone,” a phone that purports to approach smartphone design in the most ethical way possible from every conceivable angle, opened for preorders last Friday. The phone uses only conflict-free resources wherever possible, it has an open design, and it is marketed in a transparent way to customers.

Starting small.  Android only, Europe only, and about $400.  As a product, it probably won’t have a huge impact in and of itself. Hopefully it will serve as a very successful proof-of-concept that we can do tech in a way that both respects everyone involved (trying to improve practices along the way) and is financially viable.


© Fairphone

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  1. Is a full on smartphone the best starting point for a project like this?

    • I don’t know if it is the best starting point, but it is a perfectly good one. Admittedly, it is ambitious do a new smartphone. It is a very tall order. But what I like is that they are jumping into the game where it is hottest. Phones seem like the area in tech that is getting the most attention these days, and if you want to affect broad change, it helps to go where people are paying attention. Plus, there has been press on issues with phones already, so they aren’t starting from scratch on awareness. And there is also a huge market for phones, so they could get some numbers. But we’ll see if they pull off such a gutsy move.

      Is there a tech or product that you think might be a better place to start? I’m really curious…

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